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Photo by Leanne Goode Photography

Photo by Leanne Goode Photography


Megan was everything I needed in a Doula and more!! She was there for me with facts when I was worried. She comforted me with knowledge of my rights  as a mother giving birth. She helped my husband tend to me, and he said, "I couldn't have done half of what I did while you were in labour without Megan." She made me feel secure, and most importantly how amazing she was for me during birth. She was completely soothing and motivational!! I WILL be asking her to be at the birth of baby #3!! 

- Mama M

Megan was AMAZING!!! I just can't say enough good things about her. I don't want to post my whole experience on here, but she guided my husband and I through a very difficult labor/delivery/post delivery and I really, truly don't know what we would have done without her. She knows her stuff and is so good about doing whatever needs to be done to make you as happy with your delivery as possible. 

- Mama D

I am so happy I made the decision to hire Megan as my dos or concerns.  She met with me multiple times before labor to discuss my laboring options, and focus on relaxation techniques.  I was going through my pregnancy and birth as a single parent, and Megan was always available for questions.  I ended up having an emergency c-section after laboring naturally for 10.5 hours, and she was in the room with me during surgery, and was a great support the entire time.  She has stayed in touch even months after my birth to check on my son and I's recovery.  I would recommend Megan to anyone wanting to find an educated doula.
- Mama B

I CANNOT say strongly enough how amazing Megan was and how much she added to my birth experience going well. My husband and I didn’t decide that we wanted to utilize a doula until about a week before our due date. Megan met with us several times before our birth (over the holidays no less) and practiced laboring positions and soothing techniques with us in advance. Almost immediately upon going into labor, my water broke and we had Megan meet us at the hospital where I felt calmed by her very presence. She immediately took stock of the situation and helped me find my voice to labor the way I wanted to. I was in the hospital laboring for just over 6 hours and she helped both me and my husband immensely throughout that entire time. This was our first baby and I’m not sure how women go through childbirth without having someone like Megan supporting them. Megan helped suggest different positions to labor in which I think really helped speed up my labor. Immediately after delivery, Megan took some photos of my husband and me with our baby that I absolutely treasure and then showed me several nursing positions with our little boy. We have had minimal issues with breastfeeding, and I think in a large part our success is due to the help Megan gave us right away (as we didn’t get to see a lactation consultant for another 36 hours). Megan followed up with me while I was still in the hospital and then after I got home as well! My mom had volunteered, in advance, that she could help rather than us hiring a doula since she had had 4 natural childbirths, but she told me after that she was glad I had Megan there to support me because Megan was so much more knowledgeable and helpful then she would have been. I would highly recommend Megan to anyone, and I hope I will be able to have her support when I have my next baby. Megan is awesome!
- Mama D

Words cannot express how glad I am that Megan was our Doula. I connected with her instantly and knew she would be perfect in helping me have my second baby!

My first pregnancy was very traumatic, resulting in a very unwanted c section. That experience made my second pregnancy an extremely stressful and anxious time. Antime a fear or doubt would enter my mind, Megan would be there to offer support, knowledge and positivity. She even helped me choose a different care provider when I was almost 42 weeks pregnant because things were going downhill with my original care provider. I truly believe that my successful vbac wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Megan. She pointed me in the right direction and helped me to truly trust that my body could do it! I would recommend her to anyone but ESPECIALLY to a woman trying for a vbac! I will be using Megan when I have my third baby and now consider her a friend. She is a very special person and was made to help women achieve the birth story they want!
- Mama M

We were so glad we hired Megan.  It was the best decision we made when preparing for the birth of our first baby.  Megan was great from the very beginning- always making herself available by text, email, and phone.  My husband said he couldn't imagine going through the labor and delivery process without Megan.  Her guidance was appreciated throughout my long labor which was fatiguing for both me and my husband. The labor was much different than I anticipated and Megan's assistance and knowledge of options was extremely valuable.    We were impressed by her vast knowledge of the entire birthing process and medical options.  I chose to make changes to my birth plan during labor and Megan informed us of all our options, pros and cons, and how best to navigate conversations with the medical staff.  She took a great deal of anxiety out of the birthing process and stayed over 24 hours with us.  Her genuine and calming approach made us confident and helped us focus during a very intense time.  Megan's thorough commitment included two prior meetings before labor to get to know us, our personalities and preferences.  Our follow-up meeting a week after our baby's birth felt like seeing a close friend.  I communicated with Megan beyond our follow-up meeting to inquire about questions regarding breastfeeding, colic, placenta encapsulation, and daycare.  Megan was eager to help and wanted updates on how our family was doing.  We are so happy Megan coached us through this amazing experience and plan to hire her again for any future pregnancies we may have.
- Mama E