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Midwife Assistant Services

Megan was such a blessing to me during my labor and delivery at home. She was everything I needed to deliver my baby at home with confidence and ease. Getting to see her my whole pregnancy made it so much easier to relax when I was in pain and ask for help when I needed it. Baby Jack and I are so thankful for her!
— Mama T

What is a midwife's Assistant:

A midwife's assistant provides practical hands-on help to families birthing at home. The midwife’s assistant is trained in birth support and clinical skills that allow her to assist the midwife in providing physical, emotional and informational support to mothers and their partners during pregnancy, labor and birth and postpartum period. Her assistance to the midwife requires her to: help set up the birth space, monitor the mother’s vital signs, monitor fetal heart tones, palpate fetal position, assist with charting, assist with emergency/medicinal management (if indicated), help with immediate postpartum care of the mother and newborn, assist with both initial and postpartum newborn assessment, and help with post-birth clean-up.

Midwife's Assistant Services Include: 

  • A minimum of 5 clinical prenatal visits, including a home visit around 36 weeks, to go over your preferences, discuss my role at your birth, preferred communications, labor positions, comfort measures and preferences on newborn procedures. These visits will likely be along with your midwife. 

  • On-call email and telephone support from the time you hire me until 4 weeks after delivery.

  • Full access to the researched handouts and articles on breastfeeding, labor induction, newborn procedures, postpartum suggestions, etc.

  • Help creating your birth preferences for your home birth and incase of transfer plan.

  • Dedicated 24/7 on-call labor support and back-up Assistant provided just in case.

  • Telephone support in early labor; help with assessing the status of your labor, tips for comfort and progress.

  • Continuous clinical, emotional and physical support during active labor and delivery including comfort measures, positioning techniques, massage,  and more.

  • Within 2 hours of the time of birth, you'll receive assistance with your initial breastfeeding efforts and bonding.

  • 3-5 hours of immediate postpartum support, including breastfeeding support. 

  • 3 postpartum visits. The first within the first 7 days after the birth of your baby, the following visits are at 2 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum in a clinic setting along with your midwife. 

  • Access to a large lending library of books and videos!

  • Personalized breastfeeding support for the first 3 months postpartum. 

References available upon request.

Free consultation!
Fee of $1,000 for Midwife Assistant services, I require a non-refundable $300 retainer fee at contract signing to reserve the weeks surrounding your estimated due date, the remainder is due on or before 37 weeks.
I will do what I can to work with you on payment. I am open to arrange a payment plan or barter.

I am accepting 3-4 clients a month.