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Making Your Birth Beautiful

Chelsea Gonzales


Many people think birth is merely a messy thing that should be gotten through. They consider the process only a means to an end, and consider a healthy mother and baby the only true goals of labor and delivery.

The thing is, birth is so much more than that.

Childbirth is an amazing and beautiful thing. Sure, it’s messy, but those messes are minuscule when compare to the other spectacular things that happen during the process. Every single birth is an incredible miracle, and labor and delivery are so amazing that simply “getting through” them seems ridiculous to me.

In fact, doing what you can to make your birth a positive experience—and focusing on making labor a relaxing and connected time—could have an impact on you as a mama as well as your new baby. Therefore, I highly recommend removing yourself from the typical mindset of “getting through” labor and embracing the process for the miracle that it is. Do what you can to make your labor and delivery the birthing experience you dream of.

How can you create the beautiful birth you deserve? Try these simple yet effective methods.

Find Inspiration and Motivation

Great works of art are best created when a person is inspired, and athletes work best with motivation. Birthing is both an art and an athletic event. Therefore, you will want to have plenty of inspiration and motivation surrounding you during your pregnancy and labor.

Many women find it helpful to find affirmations that speak to them and create affirmation banners or flags to hang around their home and birthing space. Watching beautiful birth videos can also be inspiring during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Meanwhile, going into your birth both 1) informed of your options and 2) knowing what you want is certainly good motivation.

Create a Relaxing Space

Whether they’re delivering in a hospital or at home, creating a relaxing and comfortable space is very important for those mothers who wish to have beautiful birthing experiences.

Candles (real or battery operated) can provide the right kinds of lighting, and essential oils are a great way to fill the space with relaxing scents. As mentioned before, affirmation banners are always a good addition, and some favorite music can help make the space feel more welcoming.

Involve Your Partner

Nothing is more natural and calming than having your partner by your side during the delivery of your little one. Unfortunately, many partners feel uncomfortable and unsure of what to do during labor. For this reason, I highly recommend doing the last two things on this list as well.

Hire a Doula

Many people assume that hiring a doula means the partner of the birthing mama will be left out. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Doulas are actually great at ensuring both partners are involved in the process. They also work as advocates for the new mama and make sure she is comfortable throughout labor and delivery. Obviously, a doula is a must-have for those looking to experience a positive birth.

Learn Comfort Techniques

There are a number of wonderful ways to stay comfortable during labor, and most of them don’t require any drugs at all. From breathing techniques and new positions to water and imagery, learning plenty of different options can be immensely helpful.

Reading books and watching videos are two ways to learn these techniques. However, hands-on classes and workshops—such as this one I’ll be teaching soon—tend to be the best way to learn and get your partner involved. Not only will the class teach comfort measures, it’ll also cover communication during labor, making this an excellent way to help ensure you have a positive birthing experience.

Want to join my upcoming comfort measures class? Interested in hiring a doula? Either way, I’d love to hear from you and help you achieve the birth experience you want and deserve. Contact me today!