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Staying Healthy Naturally During Flu Season


Staying Healthy Naturally During Flu Season

Chelsea Gonzales

Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images

Flu season is definitely here, and many families are feeling its effects. Even if you’re lucky enough to skip the flu itself this season, you and your kids will likely experience at least one or two little bugs. This is never fun.

Fortunately, you can dampen the blow and even avoid some illnesses entirely by taking a few precautionary steps. Here are my favorite tips and tricks for keeping healthy naturally, even when it seems every virus on the planet is making the rounds.

Elderberry Syrup

Let’s begin with a much deserved shoutout to elderberry syrup. This concoction is absolutely magical, and best of all, it’s completely natural. Elderberry syrup can be taken daily throughout the winter, or you can hold onto it for taking only when sick.

To make your own batch of this illness-fighting syrup, follow the instructions on Wellness Mama.

Detox Baths

As the name suggestions, detox baths are perfect for ridding the body of toxins. Besides, who doesn’t love a relaxing bath when they’re sick? I know I do, especially if I can’t seem to get warm.

To create your own detox bath, add the following to your bathwater:

  • 2 cups epsom salt
  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 2 cups hydrogen peroxide

Adults can also mix in a few drops of certain essential oils to add an element of aromatherapy. This option should not be used for kids though, as the oils may cause skin irritation and other poor reactions.

Bone Broth

Homemade bone broth is an incredibly nutrient-dense food that can help boost the immune system and aid in healing those who are already ill. It’s cheap to make, tasty to eat, and can be used in a variety of dishes. On top of all that, bone broth is also incredibly soothing to sick individuals who don’t feel like eating, are suffering from a sore throat, or can’t get rid of congestion.

If you’re looking for a great bone broth recipe, try this one from Wellness Mama.

Vitamin D

One of the reasons many people tend to be sick during the winter is a lack of vitamin D. We get the majority of our vitamin D from the sun, and when the sun isn’t shining or the weather is too cold to head outside, we end up deficient in this important nutrient. Luckily, you can improve this issue by taking a vitamin D capsule. If you have young children, liquid drops are another option.

Vitamin K2  

Vitamin K2 is another supplement you may want to consider adding to your family’s regimen. This vitamin isn’t spoken of often, and is unfortunately rarely found in the typical western diet. However, it plays a very important role in our overall health and is especially helpful when taken in conjunction with vitamin D, because the two have synergistic effects.

Rest Up

Everyone knows that the body needs rest. Without it, the body can’t function properly, and the immune system is compromised. Clearly, this is a very bad thing when so many germs are going around, so make sure your family stays well rested throughout the season.

Wash Up

Sure, you’ve heard it over and over again, but it’s worth mentioning the fact that hand washing can have an enormous effect on the health of your family. Encourage hand washing after every trip to the bathroom, after outings, and before meals. Additionally, you may want to carry hand sanitizer for those times when a sink isn’t available.

Using these simple tips, you can keep yourself and your family healthy throughout the flu season and emerge with a strengthened immune system to boot.

Of course, if you’re a new parent, adding all of these new supplements and habits to your life can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where a postpartum doula can step in. A doula offers assistance in various areas of your life in order to ensure you have time to do everything you need to do for the most important people in your life.

For more information on my postpartum doula services, please contact me today!